Bengal Stud Cats

Some of our beautiful breeding studs here at Starwinds Bengals.

This page was last updated:4/8/17

StarwindsUK Bentley (F6)

SIRE: Abundadots Snow Excited (F5 Seal Mink)

DAM: StarwindsUK Kool Kisses

Please meet Bentley, he is a great boy, lovely type, pattern and colour and we can’t wait to see what Bentley goes on to produce!



StarwindsUK Jaxon

SIRE – CH Sierragold Starmaster

DAM – StarwindsUK Melody

We just love this guy – he is a spitting image of his dad with his wild strong looks and amaizng over all body type and structure, beautiful rosetting and a gorgeous clear coat. We think he is one special boy.

Retired and living as a super special pet =)


Abundadots Snow Excited F5

Sire: Abundadots Hopeful Dreamer F4

Dam: Abundadots Lily Blossom

D-O-B 07/07/2008

Imported from Canada 2011


Snow excited AKA Obiwan is a beautiful F5 Mink rosetted Snow boy he has brillaint type and looks – Best of All Obiwan is a Charcoal Carrier too!!


Starglitter Fine Design (Retired as super special pet)

Sire: SGC Drinkwater Bur N Ember of Starglitter

Dam: Gogees Top Design of Starglitter

Fine Design or Harvey as we know him is just amazing, he is the type of cat that when he walks past you, you cannot help but stop & look!!

He has amazing Golden colour & is dripping with Glitter, extremely large black outlined rosetting, a gorgeous thick tail, small well set rounded ears & great head type.

Along with all these brilliant qualities he has the most loving personality, he must have cuddles all the time & will not stop talking to you until he gets them.

Harvey has a superb pedigree Coming from a long line of RW Champions to Supreme Grand Champions.

We are sure Harvey will go very well with our Queens here at Starwinds.

We cannot thank the lovely Toni Meisberger of StarGlitter Bengals enough for letting us have this amazing young man who is a total credit to his breeder.


Aluren Almost Illegal (RETIRED)

Sire: Aluren Far Off Galaxy

Dam: Aluren Distant Fires

We Proudly Present Aluren Almost Illegal or Bailey as we know him, this boy is almost out of this world. He has the most wild expression, beautiful large rosetting with amazing definition between his black outlined rosettes & his pale background colour. To match all these amazing features Bailey also has lovely well set small ears with a gorgeous thick tail, good overall body structure & the softest of temperaments.

We cannot wait to see how Bailey goes with our Queens here at Starwinds and I am sure he will go on to produce some very special babies.

We can’t thank Pat Killmaier enough for this beautiful boy, he is just so special.




StarwindsUK Dark Knight

Sire: StarwindsUK Sculpted Vision (Silver Rosetted)
Dam: StarwindsUK Page (Cool Brown Rosetted)

Retired and living as a super special pet

Dark Knight
Dark Knight
Charlie is the most Stunning Silver smoke/black Bengal stud boy I have seen, he has absolutely HUGE Rosetting on an ultra clear coat, great definition between his pattern and background colour. Charlie has nice small ears, thick tail and is a nice big boy who loves cuddles.
Charlie carries for Snow
We are so very excited to see what charlie has to offer when put to our snow girls =)
Watch this space!

StarwindsUK Alberton Star

Sire: Dazzledots Exotic Legacy

Dam: Millwood Via Verde


Pictured below is our beautiful boy alberton Star AKA Alexandre who we think is a beautiful boy, great type, colour and rosetting he is a nice big boy like his daddy. Alexandre is producing some top quality babies which we are just thrilled with =)



Dazzledots Exotic Legacy

Sire: KoppieKatz Kool Kat

  • Voted TIBCS Favourite SBT Bengal 2006
  • Dam: Dazzledots Fashion Flair

    Legacy has a fantastic pedigree with a long line of RW Champions to Supreme Grand Champions

    This boy has nothing short of a very mischievous cheeky little character, but we love him for it! “Legs” as we know him also has good type with well set ears, good thick tail & a really good over all body size & structure, with good pattern to match.
    Legacy has gone very well with our queens here at Starwinds & has produced us some very special kittens & hopefully more to come. Many thanks to Mara Summers for giving us the Chance to have this boy.

    RETIRED and living as a super special pet


    CH Sierragold Starmaster

    Starmaster has produced us many fantastic Babies that we could not be more happy with!!