Bengal Queens

Some of our beautiful breeding queens here at Starwinds Bengals.

This page was last updated : 30/7/17

StarwindsUK Kool Kisses

SIRE: Aluren Almost Illegal

DAM: StarwindsUK Sensational Legacy

Kisses is our beauty girl, she has brilliant pattern, type and colour she is the whole package and is a super Mummy to her babies and just a complete love bug!!



Abundadots Snow Excited (F5) X StarwindsUK Kool Kisses

Sire: Abundadots Snow Excited (F5)

Dam: StarwindsUK Kool Kisses

Seal Mink Female Snow Bengal KEEPER



StarwindsUK Mercedes

SIRE – Aluren Almost Illegal

DAM – StarwindsUK Rising Sun

Retired as a super special pet

Mercedes is a lovely friendly, happy girl and very affectionate


StarwindsUK Candy Gold

Sire: Dazzledots Exotic Legacy

Dam: Millwood Via Verde

D-O-B –  11/7/10

Beautiful Girl who has produced us a goregous kitten who can be seen below.





StarwindsUK Ribbon Of Light

SIRE: CH Sierragold Starmaster

Dam: StarwindsUK Melody

D-O-B – 2/2/11


Ribbon of light is a beautiful Marble girl with extreme wild looks, beautiful colour and just continues to get better and better.

We think Ribbon would make an a great addition to a breeding programme.


StarwindsUK Summer (F5)

SIRE: Dazzledots Exotic Legacy

DAM: StarwindsUK Leopardetta


D-O-B – 3/2/11



StarwindsUK Diamonds On Ice (F6)

Sire: Abundadots Snow Excited (F5)

Dam: StarwindsUK Kool Kisses

Seal Lynx Point Rosetted Female

Picture updated 18/01/14


Huntersidge Sephora

Sire – Amantra Jungle Made
Dam – Legacie Lucky you

Imported from Florida 2010


Huntersidge Sephora
Huntersidge Sephora

Sephora is one Gorgeous girl who has arrived from Huntersridge Bengals in Florida USA.


We Cannot thank Sherlean Hunter enough for sending us such a absolutely outstanding girl & for being such a pleasure to deal with.

Sephora has absolutely stunning Large Black outlined rosetting on a ultra clear coat with lovely colour, good overall body structure & type.

Sephora also carries for the Lynx Point snow gene, so we cannot wait to see what lovely babies Sephora goes on to produce for us in the future, with her beautiful looks & exceptional Pedigree we are sure her babies will be noting short of high quality.

Once again we must say a huge thank you to Sherlean Hunter of Huntersridge Bengals for Sending us such a Beautiful, Happy & Healthy girl who we are totally delighted with!! =)


Spotagious Ice Dancer

Sire: Champion Joykatz Kodiak of Spotagious (Mink Rosetted)
Dam: Uniqueprints Osolacey of Spotagious (Mink Rosetted)

Imported from Texas 2010

Retired as super special pet

Icey is just the most stunning Lynx point girl, she has HUGE randomly placed rosetting on an ultra clear coat, she has great type, nice well set ears, good thick tail and is a nice sized girl. Icey also has the most gorgeous blue eyes.

StarwindsUK Noir Beauty

Sire: StarwindsUK Sculpted Vision – (Silver Rosetted)
Dam: StarwindsUK Dark Star (Charcoal Rosetted F5)

StarwindsUK Noir Beauty

StarwindsUK Noir Beauty

StarwindsUK Noir BeautyStarwindsUK Noir Beauty

Beauty is just the most Stunning F6 What we believe to be a Charcoal Silver. She has head type & wild looks like no other, gorgeous Amber eyes adding to her wild effect and great definition between her pattern and Background colour. We can’t wait to see what beauty goes on to produce for us. We are very excited to say the least!! =)


Starglitter Jazzy Lady

Sire: SGC Drinkwater Bur N Ember of Starglitter
Dam: Gogees Top Desing of Starglitter



Jazzy Lady
Jazzy Lady

Jazzy Lady or “Tinker” as we know her is just the most lovely baby Bengal you could ask for!!

She is a little beauty, she has gorgeous rich golden colour with fabulous large rosetting & has an almost glass like coat from all the glitter.

To top all Tinker’s amazing Qualities, she has a beautiful head with Tiny rounded ears & if it couldn’t get any better, she also does tricks =)

Tinker is a dab hand at giving you high fives when asked!! She is just the Baby of our Bengal Family.

We Cannot Thank Toni Meisberger of Starglitter Bengals Enough for giving us the chance to have not just 1 beautiful Baby but 2 as Tinker is a litter sister to Starglitter Fine Design who can be seen on our Studs Page.


Huntersirgde Snow Monkey

Sire – Aluren Blazin Comet

Dam – Beauxmondes Twisty Meredith


Huntersirgde Snow Monkey
Huntersirgde Snow Monkey
Huntersirgde Snow Monkey

Snow Monkey AKA “Wiena” is just the most beautiful Seal lynx point, she has Amazing wild looks, the best temperament you could ask for. Huge defined funky rosetting of a plush coat. Super puffy whisker pads, small well set ears and deep stunning blue eyes, she is just once again another totally Stunning example of Bengals bred by Sherlean Hunter of Huntersridge Bengals. Thank you Sherlean for our Second amazing girl!!


StarwindsUK Sensational Legacy

Sire: Millwood Mirror Etching
Dam: StarwindsUK Dazzling Imprint

Retired as super special pet

StarwindsUK Sensational Legacy
StarwindsUK Sensational Legacy

Sensational Legacy aka Fara is the Litter sister to SGC StarwindsUK Painted Tapestry and has been a key element in developing our breeding programme, she has produced some extremely cutting edge babies and continues to pass on all her excellent features to her babies. She has beautiful rosetting, colour and type but most of all Fara always passes on her outstanding temperament to her babies to make them that little bit more special again.


Millwood Via Verde

Sire – SGC Millwood Megabyte

Dam – Millwood Sophie Duncan

Via is now retired and in her forver loving home as a super special pet

“Via” or “Tigger” as we know her is another Exception High Quality example of a Millwood Bred cat.
She is a lovely F5 girl who has a striking large rosetted pattern, with fabulous warm colour, dripping with glitter & lovely definition via has all these great qualities along with small very well set ears, good head type & gorgeous thick tail.
Via has already produced one small litter with very Promising kittens& Hopefully more to come in the Future.
We Thank Jean Mill our very good friend & Mentor for allowing us to have this very beautiful Girl.

Starwinds Leopardetta

Retired to her forever loving home

Sire – Millwood Jag
Dam – Junglebook Vision

Starwinds Leopardetta affectionately known as Tiffany This little girl has a sleek wild body type displaying beautiful rosettes on a luxurious glistening coat she has the sweetest of temperaments “Favourite food Cheese”.